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HDR – LA Photo Walk with Trey Ratcliff

February 29th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

No HDR processing

Last Sunday evening I went on a photo walk with my friend Simon. The photo walk was at the Santa Monia pier. It was organized by Trey Ratcliff of StuckinCustoms.com. Trey is a big proponent of HDR image processing. HDR is where you take multipul exposure of the same scene and they smash  all the best pixels from each exposure into one image. While the technique is interesting it almost always looks too fake to me. I tried to come up with a good HDR image but below is the best I could do.

HDR Processing Applied


I have seen very few HDR images I like. The best ones are where the effect is applied very subtly. Where you cant tell for sure of anything has been done to the image. I will continue to experiment with HDR. Its another tool in my photo bag.

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