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Vivian Maier

January 21st, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I went to a gallery in Hollywood ┬átoday to see some of Vivian Maier’s photographs. When I learned about her six months ago I became a instant fan. She was a Chicago nanny that spent most of her spare time taking pictures in the streets of Chicago. She was a very private person and never shared her photographs with anyone. Her photography was discovered by a real estate agent when he bought a box of her negatives at a storage locker auction.

Her work is like a time capsule from mid twentieth century America. She had a unique ability to capture the moment in her photographs. Although she was a very private and reserved person she took many self portraits. Most of her work was shot with a Rolleiflex medium format camera so the image quality is very good. I think in time she will be recognized as one of the greatest street photographers of her time.

Self Portrait







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