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One day, One roll of film and a Pentax Spotmatic camera

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On the new years day 2012 a friend and I decided to do a film shoot. It was his idea. We would shoot one roll of color print film and get it processed all in the same day. We started at his house at about noon. We started by heading to the beach in Santa Monica but traffic was jambed on the 10 freeway so we decided to head down the 405 to Randy’s donuts instead. From there we discovered a small park off of Sepulveda boulevard about 100 feet from the start of one of LAX’s runways. We spent a few hours taking pictures of planes landing. We had dinner at In-n-Out burger across the street from the park. Then we headed back to the San Fernando Valley to burn the last few frames on the roll. We used the last frames experimenting with light painting in a meto bus station parking lot. Then we tried to get our film processed at the nearest CVS but found out they no longer process film. We had to drive to Encino to the last CVS in the area that processed film. Here is the gallery┬ácontaining the images I made.


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