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Yashica D – Twin Lens Reflex Camera

Old sign in downtown Los Angeles - Yashica D TLR - Fuji Across 100 B/W film


Recently I purchased a Yashica D TLR camera at the Pasadena Bargin Camera Show. I took the above photo while on a photo meetup with the The Light Chasers of SoCal. I choose the Yashica D because I wanted a cheap medium format camera that I could easily carry around. I already have a Pentax 6×7 medium format camera system but its just too heavy to carry around or use without a tripod. The camera has no built on light meter so I use my Pentax 1 degree spot meter. The lens is a 80mm f3.5 which is very sharp. The only negative about this camera is that advancing the film and cocking the shutter are two separate operations. That means you can forget to advance the film which will result in a double exposure.

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