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I am the Foursquare Mayor of the RockStore and the “Snake” on Mulholland Highway

December 8th, 2010 No comments

The RockStore and The Snake in my opinion are the two most important venues for motorcyclists in southern California. Both are located in the Santa Monica mountains on Mulholland Highway. Every weekend these places are packed with motorcyclists hanging out and testing their skills on twisty roads.
IMG_3914.JPG2010-07-11 13.27.45.jpg

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Great shot of me riding the “Snake” on Mulholland highway by Paul of

September 30th, 2010 2 comments

This one was taken by Paul in his AM (morning) location on the “Snake” section of Mulholland highway.

Ride to the Ronald Regan Library with the Society of Riders

September 11th, 2010 No comments

The day started out with breakfast at Bob’s Big Boy in Northridge, CA where I met up with the Society or Riders. After breakfast we rode to the Ronald Regan Library via Santa Suzana Pass road. Since we were such a large group the library had special parking assigned to us. At the library we broke up into groups of ten. Each group had a library docent assigned to them. The highlight of the tour was getting to go aboard Air Force 1. Next we all rode to Pikey’s pub in Agoura for some lunch. What a great  way to spend 9/11
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Salem, MA – Day 1

June 21st, 2009 1 comment

Left Long Island on the Port Jefferson ferry to Bridgeport, CT

Had a steamed cheese burger at Ted’s in CT.



The burgers are steamed which I’ve never heard of before.  You can see the steamer below.



Arrived at the B&B in Salem, MA. It was pouring out. Immediately upon arrival, I noticed what I would consider a “witch”.  He walked in such a way that gave me an uneasy feeling.  He had his hands folded behind his back, long trench coat, and hair pulled back in a ponytail.  I know, don’t judge a book by its cover.  Dave loved the idea of teasing me and spooking me out about visiting and staying here. Every chance he got he tried spooking me.  Needless to say, Dave was spooked when he saw this guy.  The teasing stopped…lol

We had dinner at Bella Italian, but we didn’t take any pictures. Sorry.

We drove around Salem at night .  It was spooky because no one was around. Creepy.

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Long Island, NY – Day 1

June 21st, 2009 No comments

On our way from Philly to Long Island we decided to stop in NJ..  We went to this dinner called Mastoris for breakfast.


They had humongous portions.  For $12 you got cinnamon bread, salad or soup, entree, and dessert.

Look at this bread it was delicious. They have their own bakery on the premises.


The salad wasn’t wimpy.


Dave ordered the meatloaf sandwich.


I had the pesto burger.


We spent a few days on Long Island.  It rained a ton, but there was some sun.

My brother had a bbq for us.


Look at what pretty sisters I have.


The most beautiful….


The dog whisperer.


I have some more pictures from Long Island, but they are on one of our phones.  You know how it is, going home you take it easy and don’t take a ton of pictures.

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Smoky Mountains – Day 1

May 31st, 2009 No comments

May 27, 2009

The drive into the Smoky Mountains was beautiful.


We decided to rent a cabin in Sevierville, TN.  What a great decision that was.  It cost extra, but it was totally worth it.


The cabin is about 4 miles up in the mountains.


The roads leading to the cabin are pretty small, but a fun ride none the less.


We get to our cabin and it is just the best. Each cabin has a name; ours is Ladybug.


The entire cabin is made out of pine wood.


It is has two floors each with its own balcony.  Located on balcony number one is a jacuzzi and some rocking chairs.


Balcony number two has two rocking chairs and another amazing view.


Did I mention the view?  You can totally see smoky mountains.



Here are more pictures of the cabin.


The cabin has a nice big screen TV.  Not as big as our one at home, but definitely better then a 13″.


Upstairs has a pool table, indoor bathtub/jacuzzi, TV, and another bathroom.



Here is the cute kitchen.


Interestingly, we did not get any photos of the bedroom.  Hmmm…lol

After we checked in we looked around Pigeon Forge. Seriously, you could spend just a week doing all the tourist attractions.  There are lots of family activities and fun things to do for kids of all ages.

Per a recommendation we had dinner at  the Old Mill.  The restaurant is located right above a river. For $18 you get a cup of corn chowder, salad, an entree, and dessert.


Next stop was the supermarket to stock the cabin with food. Then back to the cabin to enjoy the jacuzzi.

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May 27th, 2009 2 comments

On our way out of New Orleans we wanted to drive through the 9th ward to see what still remained from hurricane Katrina.  The part that we got to see was on its way to being rebuilt.  However, there were still quite a few homes that are abandoned.  It was emotional driving through seeing how resilient the members of this community are.  All I kept seeing in my head were images of people on their roofs begging to be helped and dead bodies floating in the water.  Many have come back to reclaim their life here, but I doubt it will ever be the same.


We did a great deal of driving today. The bridges in and out of New Orleans are amazing.  How do they build these long, massive bridges in the water?

There is a hotel chain called Drury hotels that we are really enjoying staying at. They have a bunch of extra’s and the prices are usually really good.  We knew we wanted to stay in this hotel chain in Birmingham, AL.  What was suprising was the price was $105 without taxes and fees.  Yes, still a decent price, but I wanted much more and it looked like we weren’t going to find anything cheaper.  Poor Dave has his hands full with me as I have to stay somewhere that is actually clean.  Clean = Mula.

Stopping at the visitor centers as you enter each state is a fun way to meet locals, see what the state has to offer, and get some coupons for the attractions.  Well the Alabama visitor center was awesome because the lady directed us to a coupon for our hotel.  She knew what page it was on and everything.  Dave and I started laughing when she showed us that the coupon was for $50 per night before taxes.  That was more than 1/2 off.  We had to do some calling to get the rate lowered.  Coupons rock.

Passing through Mississippi we were told to stop at a little restaurant called Kellie’s Po-boy Express.  I was hesitant about this one because it was attached to a gas station.  There were tons of police cars in front, which always lets you know either their is a crime being committed (the lights would usually be on) or this is a really good place to eat.  It was definitely a good place to eat.


We checked in at Drury Inn in Birmingham.  Okay, let me tell you this part of Birmingham was upscale, full of life, full of shopping, and beautiful scenery.  The desk clerk was surprised by how cheap we got the room that when he went to give us the total, he whispered it.  This was our view; just beautiful.

My preconceived notions are turning out to be wrong.  I thought this would be a really small place where everything closes at 8pm.  It was
the complete opposite.  I’ve never seen so many stores on one street.  Perhaps, we should have stayed longer…LOL I did have to take some time and visit a craft store that I’ve been drooling reading about called “Hobby Lobby”.  Even their shopping centers are gorgeous here.



For dinner we went to “The Fish Market”. As you can see they gave us way to much food.  This restaurant is owned by a family that runs one of the largest seafood distributers in the area.  The seafood was very fresh here.




Back to the hotel for the night.  We have another big drive tomorrow.    We’ve been hitting some rain storms along the way.  Some were so bad that we had to pull over and wait it out.  When the rain is coming down so hard and the limbs are coming off the trees, you start to get nervous because you are unable to see the car in front, beside or behind you.  Good thing Dave is a patient person.

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The Great Road Trip 2009 begins in Chicago

May 20th, 2009 No comments

Our 30 day road trip.  Woo hoo.

We want to use this blog to not only update everyone, but we want to be able to keep track of our activities and our money….lol

Day 1 – Los Angeles to Chicago

We’ll we started off the trip with being sleep deprived.  We boarded AA at 7:45 am.  Let me just say that AA is not what it used to be.  The plane was totally claustrophobic.  I’m sure it didn’t help that the Indian guy and his wife who were sitting in front of us decided to put there chairs in the full recline position.  I ask, why is that even an option?  I was proud of myself because after I played the passive aggressive game, you know, the one where you “accidentally” keep hitting his chair; don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about…:), I tapped him on the shoulder (of course I waited till he fell asleep) and told him he needed to put his chair in the upright position.  To my surprise, he did.  You know how the story ends; let me put it this way, he was so far reclined that his head was practically in my lap…

Anyway, we land at O’hare Aiport.  I must say that is a very clean and lovely airport.  We walk about 20 steps and what does Dave see a Harley Davidson Store IN the airport.  He fell in love with Chicago right then and there.

Down at baggage claim we are greeted by Lawrence who is the driver of the shuttle that will take us to The Westin on Michigan Ave.  He was the nicest driver I’ve EVER had.  We’re staying on the 18th floor which gives us a great view of Lake Michigan.

Dave and I realized the next time we fly that early we need to make sure that we eat breakfast.  At this point it is about 4pm and we are STARVING.  Good thing because we know what we want – some deep dish pizza.  The local consensus is that Giardano’s  We ordered 1/2 “tropical delight” and 1/2 “special”.  The tropical delight is comprised of Canadian bacon, pineapple, and lots of cheese.  The special is made up of sausage, mushrooms, and green peppers.   My take it is that deep dish is definitely delicious; however, I don’t know if i would add the word pizza.  We both enjoyed it.  One slice was enough.

Speaking of enough; we hit breaking point.  We went back to the hotel to get some shut eye.  How was it that I used to be able to funuction on only 3 hours sleep?   Well, not anymore.

After our nap we went to Ghiradelli’s ice cream shop.  We split a peanut butter, chocolate fudge sundae.

Next stop was the John Hancock Observatory.  It was nice an empty.

The views were AMAZING.  When Dave and I were dating one of our favorite things to do was to go look at the city lights and stars.

This was a nice treat for us because they give you a headset with a guided tour that is hotsted by our ‘friend’ David Schwimmer.

****** I look possessed in the above photo.  Where the hell am I looking…lol

*** Do the people you ask to take your photo ever take a good, in focus picture?  LOL

Lastly, we are back at the hotel and about to head in for the night.  We have a big day tomorrow.  Chicago is a beautiful city full of great architecture.  Can’t wait to see how tomorrow unfolds.

Thanks for reading.

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